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Get the iGrow Laser Hair Growth System at AHR Today

Are you noticing more and more hair in your comb or brush? Does getting hair transplants to seem unsafe? Reach out to Aesthetic Hair Restoration in Houston, TX today to discuss the possibility of utilizing the iGrow laser hair growth system and forgo surgery to regain your lost hair. Skip the recovery time and continue to go about your life while working on repairing and growing your natural hair with our assistance. When you are ready to learn more about his innovative system for new hair growth, schedule your free consultation today, and work with our team to find your perfect solution.

well dressed man with nice hair and light beard outdoors

What is the iGrow Laser Hair Growth System?

Return lost or thinning hair without going under the knife thanks to the iGrow laser hair growth system at Aesthetic Hair Restoration. Using surgical options can be expensive, require recovery time, and ultimately ineffective. Choosing this low-level light therapy (LLLT) helmet equipped with red lasers and LED light diodes means you can administer the treatment at home while getting ready for the day or while friends are over watching the game. The iGrow helmet allows you to bring about your life while growing your natural hair and repairing thinned sections.

middle aged man with nice hair and light goatee

iGrow is Non-Surgical and Effective for Hair Growth

Houston patients love using the iGrow laser hair therapy system because of how quickly they see results. Most treatment periods only last four to six months, but each patient will require a different amount of time-based on hair loss and hair goals. Below are some of the other benefits of using this non-surgical hair loss treatment:

  • FDA-cleared product for personal use
  • Ideal for men or women noticing hair loss
  • Proven results in two separate clinical trials
  • Average increase of 35% in hair growth
  • Built-in, high-quality headphones

AHR Provides Highly-Effective Hair Loss Treatments

At Aesthetic Hair Restoration, we not only use modern but traditional options when it comes to hair loss treatments. Our Houston, TX patients deserve the best, which is why we provide so many proven treatments to ensure they have an option suited for them. Highly-effective non-surgical solutions such as the iGrow laser hair therapy system and surgical hair transplant options are all available at our facility. In your free consultation, we will discuss your options and plan according to your wants and budget.

We Ensure You Get the Treatment You Deserve