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Is Hair Transplantation Right For You?

In recent years, cosmetic surgeons have innovated hair transplant procedures to be much better than their predecessors. Aesthetic Hair Restoration makes getting your natural hair back quick and easy. Houston, TX residents have been seeking our assistance for years because they know we understand the process and can rejuvenate hair growth in no time. We alleviate the stress of losing your hair by developing effective and natural hair transplantation techniques and methods to exceed your expectations. If you are looking for a better way to get your hair back, give the cosmetic surgeons at Aesthetic Hair Restoration a call to schedule your consultation today. We will work together to develop a hair transplantation solution based on your goals and stage of hair loss. Our team has access to all of the industry’s best options to ensure you get the healthy hairline you desire.

man inspecting hair

Aesthetic Hair Restoration Delivers Natural-Looking Results

Getting natural-looking hair to grow back may have been a hassle in previous years, but now there are reliable hair transplantation solutions at Aesthetic Hair Restoration. Our team members dedicate themselves to their craft and will find the right solution for you and your hair. Another one of the main benefits you receive by utilizing our hair transplantation procedure is permanence. Other hair loss treatments have been proven not to last nearly long enough or be quite as effective as hair transplantation. We help your new hair resist the hormone causing hair loss – dihydrotestosterone – to ensure it grows fuller and thicker.

Houston Trusts Us for Simple and Quick Hair Loss Treatments

Houston residents have trusted our cosmetic surgeons for many years, thanks to their expertise and knowledge in the field. We provide our patients with the best options instead of the most expensive ones. Hair transplantation procedures are simple and quick, enabling you to live your life with confidence again in no time.

We Ensure You Get the Treatment You Deserve