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Eyebrow Restoration from Aesthetic Hair Restoration

Have you or loved ones around you noticed your eyebrows thinning? There are many reasons outside of age which can lead to you losing eyebrow hair. The team at Aesthetic Surgery Institute has helped residents in Houston, TX for over 15 years. We help find the best way to ensure you walk out our doors feeling more comfortable and confident in your appearance. Once you are ready to seek help for your thinning or lost eyebrows, give the Aesthetic Surgery Institute a call and schedule your free evaluation. Our trained teams will help you make the best decision possible to feel your best in no time.

man plucking eyebrows in mirror

Over Plucking Leads to Eyebrow Loss

There are many reasons you could be losing the hair in your brows, such as age, medical conditions, and more. Some patients even have naturally thinning eyebrows. More than anything, we see our patients lose this hair because of over plucking. We understand the need to tame your brows when they are unruly, but plucking requires you to pull out the hair, and most of the time, you will pull out the entire root as well. This can eventually prevent hair regrowth from occurring over time. Our team at Aesthetic Hair Restoration can help you get them back with eyebrow restoration services such as hair-transplants and more. In your consultation, we will go over the damage and what you hope to achieve through our services.

man looking in mirror

Eyebrow Restoration Recovery

Each patient who comes to Aesthetic Hair Restoration for eyebrow restoration services will experience a different recovery process. Count on us, though, to help you recover quickly and safely. After leaving our facility, you will not wash your eyebrow area for up to 24 hours. We will also ask you to wear an ACE bandage at night to protect the affected area while sleeping. If you have any issues or questions post eyebrow restoration, please let us know, and we’ll get you the proper answers necessary for a healthy recovery. Our team will give you a full rundown of everything you need to complete once we finish your procedure.

Houston, TX Trusts Aesthetic Hair Restoration

Houston, TX residents have come to trust the professional team at Aesthetic Hair Restoration when they need help with eyebrow restoration. No matter how you lost them or if they are thinning, we can help restore them to their full glory and have you looking your best in no time. Our trusted hands have trained for many years to provide you with the best and most effective eyebrow restoration methods.

We Ensure You Get the Treatment You Deserve