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ARTAS® Robot Hair Transplant System Services in Houston, TX

Aesthetic Hair Restoration is dedicated to helping Houston, TX residents feel more confident in their appearance. We utilize state-of-the-art hair regrowth procedures, such as the ARTAS® Robot Hair Transplant System, to accomplish this. Technology advances rapidly. Computers and cell phones can do more than ever before. The same is true for hair transplant technology. While we’ve had reliable methods for harvesting donor hair follicles in years past, none of them match the capabilities of our new technology. At Aesthetic Hair Restoration, we’re committed to staying on the cutting-edge technology and implementing these advances into our treatments and procedures.

Artas hair restoration arm

The Benefits of ARTAS® Robot Hair Transplant System

The ARTAS® Robot Hair Transplant System is powered entirely by an advanced computer program with all the precision and skill of a seasoned surgeon. This system can map out the donor site and remove hairs to be transplanted into the target location, all under the complete control of your surgeon. The ARTAS® can harvest up to four follicles at a time, making the procedure much quicker and streamlined. What’s more, this system only selects the best donor hair for transplant. Explore the benefits of ARTAS® and why this technology is second to none:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Natural-looking results
  • Can avoid areas of scarring
  • Increased precision and accuracy
  • The surgeon remains in complete control
  • Doesn’t experience fatigue, as a surgeon would
  • The unmatched speed at up to 1000 grafts per hour

Frequently-Asked Questions About ARTAS® Hair Transplant

The team at Aesthetic Hair Restoration is happy to answer all of your questions about ARTAS® hair transplant. As one of just two centers in the area that uses this technology, we’re proud to hold the expertise you can’t get anywhere else. Peruse some frequently-asked questions below:

Consult With Us to Find the Best Solution for You

At Aesthetic Hair Restoration, we want to find the best solution to give you the head of hair you’ve always wanted. The aforementioned technology is instrumental in helping us deliver optimal results to our patients. We welcome Houston, TX residents to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Do and his team. After speaking with you, we can begin developing a plan that will leave you with lasting results.

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We Ensure You Get the Treatment You Deserve