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Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Options in Houston, TX

If you have apprehensions about going under to receive hair loss treatments, have no fear. Aesthetic Hair Restoration in Houston, TX can provide you with a plethora of non-surgical options to get thicker, fuller hair. Options such as the iGrow laser hair growth system and the Capillus laser hair therapy cap provide you with all the benefits of our surgical options without the recovery time or incisions.

Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Options

Aesthetic Hair Restoration provides options such as the FUE hair transplant and follicular unit hair transplant as quick outpatient surgical hair loss treatments when looking to restore your natural hair. Our professional team can help you choose the best options based on your needs, wants, and budget. We will also provide you with all the tools necessary for a healthy recovery at home. These options use your current hair grafts to help promote new growth in thinning and lost areas of hair.

We Ensure You Get the Treatment You Deserve