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Speak With AHR About Men’s Hair Loss

For over 15 years, Houston, TX men have reached out to Aesthetic Hair Restoration about men’s hair loss causes and solutions. We have provided them with the necessary answers, and personalized treatment plans to restore their hair and confidence with surgical and non-surgical options to suit your needs, wants, and budget. If you are tired of seeing more and more hair go down the drain, or if you want to leave the hat at home when going to hang out with friends, give us a call to schedule your free consultation. We will help you get to the bottom of your hair loss and thinning issues and develop a personalized care plan to swiftly bring it back.

close up of man's hair showing the thickness

What Causes Men’s Hair Loss?

Male pattern alopecia is the most common cause for men’s hair loss as it affects nearly 50% of males over 50 in the Houston, TX area and beyond. If you are predisposed to male pattern alopecia, this means your hair has become sensitive to a testosterone by-product called DHT. This will cause them to shrink and disappear since they will not accept the necessary nutrients for proper growth. Over 70% of men will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime and if you are not ready to tackle the bald look, give our staff a call for hair loss resolutions.

Effective and Efficient Men’s Hair Loss Solutions in Houston

You do not have to deal with this loss on your own. For many years, our staff has studied traditional and modern men’s hair loss treatments to ensure you have the best options to choose. Surgical and non-surgical options help Houston men regain their hair and confidence to lead lives with pride instead of hiding under hats or simply becoming anti-social. Our choices have all been proven to be quite effective, so relax knowing you are in good hands who want to see the hair loss treatments succeed.

We Ensure You Get the Treatment You Deserve